Brett Shaw

Pastor & Missionary to England

I was raised in a Roman Catholic home until the age of 17 when, by God’s sovereign grace, I was converted through the gospel.

Not too long after my conversion the Lord gave me a great desire to serve the Church in the ministry. I graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary and the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS) with an M.Div in 2015. I was later ordained at Sycamore in January with a desire to be sent out as a missionary.

My family and I were sent to England in 2020 in order to participate in church planting, the building of a new confessional association, and the promotion of confessional theological education. The United Kingdom is in great need of both confessional Reformed Baptist churches and an association of confessional churches that subscribe to the 2nd LCF. Although our Confession of Faith originated in the UK, which at one time experienced the many blessings of associationism among Particular Baptist Churches, there has been regression and almost complete abandonment of true confessional theology, ecclesiology and practice.  I am working alongside Trinity Grace Church in Ramsbottom to help in the revitalizing of a reformed Baptist church in Charlesworth and the establishment of a new association. We also hope to establish confessional theological education in the UK in partnership with IRBS.


My wife (Shelly) and I have been married since 2016 and have three children, Owen, Calvin, and Geneva. Our desire is that our great triune God would be glorified through the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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